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ArcMaster 8830 Twin-Wire Arc Spray System
Your best value in a production twin-wire arc spray system; hand held or machine mount.  
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  We stock the highest quality, interchangeable Replacement Parts for several manufacturers' systems;  parts such as:  water cooled power cables, nozzles, electrodes, torch bodies, powder ports, insulator assemblies, gears, rollers, 0-rings, seal kits, and many thousands of other parts for wire, flame-spray, and plasma systems.  

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Water Chillers! 
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don’t scrap the old plasma system!...

Make it new again, and much more accurate, by converting your 7MC to a 9MC system!

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AP5-II Powder System
Velocity Master 5000 
AP5000 Torch
CAPABILITIES:  This system is more versatile for metallic and carbide coatings, which provide resistance to erosion, abrasion, sliding, fretting wear, & thermal exposure.

The AP-5000 is a high-pressure, high velocity, liquid fuel system that develops a combustion chamber pressure up to 120-psi (8.27 bar).  

The fuel and oxygen are mixed and atomized after passing through an orifice into the combustion chamber creating a stable, clean, uniform combustion flame. 
W14 Wire System
AP6II Powder Production System
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Thermion Precision Arc 4.8 Arc Spray System!
New System!  New One Year Factory Warranty!
Set up to spray 3/16" dia. Zn, 85/15 Zn/AL or AL
​High Production System
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